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Prospective graduate students

Prospective graduate students

Graduate students are vital members of the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure. Our research is multi-disciplinary in approach and our members come from varied academic backgrounds, including but not limited to history, geography, and demography.

If you are considering applying for an MPhil or PhD at the University of Cambridge, and your research proposal is relevant to our current or past research themes, please contact us at the earliest possible stage in your application process.

If you are interested in aspects of our research which cover economic or social history, please contact Dr Leigh Shaw-Taylor, Dr Chris Briggs, Dr Amy Erickson, Professor Paul Warde, or Dr Samantha Williams. Our students are normally registered in the Faculty of History and start their graduate work by taking the M.Phil in Economic and Social History.

If you are interested in aspects of our research which cover geography or demography (either historical or contemporary), please contact Dr Alice Reid. The Department of Geography provides specific guidance about the application process.


The benefits of being a graduate member of the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure are:

  • Access to datasets and resources.
  • A supportive research group environment. Members of the Group meet daily for coffee at 11am in each department, History and Geography, which provides the opportunity to informally discuss work and other topics of interest. We hold weekly joint sessions all together, which allow members to present work in progress and ask for advice and suggestions.
  • Joining a community with a reputation for nurturing students who have gone on to have to successful careers in academia. Among former PhD students are the current Group members: Christopher Briggs, Alice Reid, Leigh Shaw-Taylor, Richard Smith, Paul Warde and Samantha Williams. See a full list of PhD theses completed at the Group.

Application process

All applications must be made via the University of Cambridge Graduate Admissions website, where you should register with your chosen department or faculty. Please contact the relevant Group members (as above) before you begin your application.

Full information about the graduate application process is available on the University of Cambridge Graduate Admissions website.


Current graduate students are funded by the ESRC, AHRC, Wellcome Trust, Gates Trust, Cambridge Trusts and a variety of other sources. For information on available graduate funding please see links below.

Current PhD students

You are welcome to contact our current PhD students.

PhD research projects (current)

PhD research projects (completed since 2009)