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PhD theses

PhD theses

The following are PhD theses by members of the Group.

If anyone who completed a PhD at the Group has been inadvertently left off this list please accept our apologies. Please contact the administrator and we will rectify it.

Year Forename Surname Thesis title
In progress Emily Chung Urbanization and Social Division in Victorian Manchester, 1851-1901.
In progress Jessica Collins

Female Entrepreneurs in Eighteenth-Century London: A Prosopographical Study of Businesswomen in Lombard Street, Gracechurch Street and Cornhill in the City of London.

In progress Emma Diduch Fertility Decline and Women's Labour Force Participation in Late 19th Century Derbyshire.
In progress Jerome Gasson The Auditing of Manorial Accounts on the Clare Estate, 1317-1360.
In progress Stuart Henderson The Industrialisation of the English and Welsh Leather Economy, 1700-1900.
In progress Elizabeth Isaac Subsistence crises and the spread of plague across Eurasia and the Mediterranean Littoral between 1850-1960.
In progress Caroline Keinast von Einem Exploring the Impact of Residential Relocation on Population Health Interventions.
In progress Emma Kelso The impact of economic shocks on the nineteenth-century British urban poor.
In progress Sarah Rafferty New methods to answer old questions: a study of London infant and child mortality at the turn of the twentieth century.
In progress Annisa Ratri Greying in the Coast: Understanding the Intersection of Gender Inequality and Ageing in Fishing Communities.
In progress Jenny Smart Climacteric Insanity in the Derbyshire and Norfolk county asylums, 1845-1914.
In progress Auriane Terki-Mignot Patterns of Female Employment in France, 1792-1901
In progress Joanne Wallace Nineteenth Century English Rural Population Mobility and Small Market Towns
2023 Ying Dai The occupational structure of the Yangtze Valley in the twentieth century
2022 Stephanie Brown Identity and the Prosecution of Interpersonal Violence in Late Medieval Yorkshire, 1340-85
2022 Papa Momodou Jack Equity in healthcare: Stakeholder perceptions on the implementation of the Community-Based Health Insurance scheme in Ethiopia
2022 Tobias Lunde An Economic Geography of the Industrial Revolution in Scotland, c.1760–1840
2022 Alexander Tertzakian Wages, employment, and technological change in English cotton spinning, c.1780-1850
2020 Lander Bosch On shape and being shaped: the relation between overweight and obesity in London's schoolchildren and the energy-expending characteristics of their built environment
2020 Cheng Yang The occupational structure of late Imperial China, 1736-1898
2019 Alexander Wakelam Imprisonment for Debt and Female Financial Failure in the long Eighteenth Century
2018 Alex Spike Gibbs Manorial Officeholding in Late Medieval and Early Modern England, 1300-1600
2018 Katherine Shillabeer Button The Environmental History of the National Grid The Process of Electrification: Infrastructure and Influence
2016 Sebastiaan Antonius Johannes Keibek The male occupational structure of England and Wales, 1600-1850
2016 Akanksha Marphatia Predictors and consequences of variability in secondary educational attainment in rural India: A life course approach.
2015 Keith Sugden An occupational analysis of the worsted industry, circa 1700-1851. A study of de-industrialization in Norfolk and the rise of the West Riding of Yorkshire.
2014 Joseph Day Leaving home and migrating in nineteenth-century England and Wales: evidence from the 1881 Census Enumerators' Books (CEBs)
2014 Xuesheng You Women's employment in England and Wales, 1851-1911
2013 Joseph David Barker The emergence of agrarian capitalism in early modern England: A reconsideration of farm sizes
2013 Lyn Boothman Immobility and the immobile: A case study of Long Melford, Suffolk 1661-1861.
2013 Zoe Crisp The urban back garden in England in the 18th and 19th centuries.
2012 Jessie Woo Wills and bequests: Male and female testators in medieval East Anglia 1400-1520.
2011 Catherine Patricia Sumnall The historical geography of illegitimacy in the Gurk Valley, Austria, c. 1868 to 1945
2010 Cristiana Viegas de Andrade Population in nineteenth-century Vila do Conde: The demographic dynamics of a north-western Portuguese urban parish.
2010 Stephen John Thompson Census taking, political economy and state formation in Britain c. 1790-1840
2009 Sarah L. Walters Fertility, morality and marriage in Northwest Tanzania, 1920-1970: a demographic study using parish registers.
2008 Stuart Basten Registration practices in Anglican parishes and Non-Conformist groups in northern England 1770-1840.
2005 Karine Jeanne Dauteuille Household materials and social networks in Norwich 1371-1500: A study of testamentary evidence.
2005 Peter Michael Kitson Family formation, male occupation and the nature of parochial registration in England, c.1538-1837.
2005 Thomas William Nutt Illegitimacy and the poor law in late-eighteenth and early nineteenth-century England.
2005 Jennifer Louise Phillips Collaboration and litigation in two Suffolk manor courts, 1289-1364.
2004 Daniel De Villiers Coetzee Factors accounting for variations in voluntary enlistment in Scotland, August 1914 to December 1915.
2004 Julie Marfany Proto-industrialisation and demographic change in Catalonia, 1680-1829.
2004 Rhiannon Thompson Economic and social change in a Somerset village, 1700-1851: A microhistory.
2004 Tracy K. Dennison Economy and society in rural Russia: The serf estate of Voschazhnikova 1750-1860.
2003 Anisha Sasheen Dasgupta Poverty, pauperism and parish relief in seventeenth-century intramural London.
2002 Alysa Levene Health and survival chances at the London Foundling Hospital and the Spedale Degli Innocenti of Florence, 1741-99.
2002 Chris Briggs Rural credit, debt litigation and manor courts in England c. 1290-c. 1380.
2002 Neil S. Rushton Monastic Charitable Provision in late Medieval England c. 1260-1540.
2000 Catherine Frances Networks of the life-course: A case study of Cheshire 1570-1700.
2000 Alice Reid Infant and child health and mortality in Derbyshire from the Great War to the mid-1920s.
2000 Paul Warde The ecology of wood use in early modern Wr̈ttemberg, c.1450-1650.
1999 Leigh Shaw-Taylor Proletarianisation, parliamentary enclosure and the household economy of the labouring poor 1750-1850.
1999 Samantha K. Williams Poor relief, welfare and medical provision in Bedfordshire: The social, economic and demographic context, c. 1770-1834.
1998 Sharon Lauricella Economic and social influences on marriage in Banbury, 1730-1841.
1996 Carmen del Pino Avalos Ageing and modernization. The living arrangements of elderly individuals in a Spanish community: TaÌrrega (1897-1992).
1995 Christopher Roy Husbands The hearth tax and the structures of the English economy.
1993 Shongwei Zhao Household and kinship in recent and very recent Chinese history.
1992 Richard Adair Regional variation in illegitimacy and courtship behaviour in England, 1538-1754.
1991 Juan Almecija The family in colonial Venezuela 1745-98: An iconoclastic view.
1991 Claire Davey Re-constructing local population history: The Hatfield and Bobbingworth district of Essex, 1550-1800.
1989 Bridget Jane Taylor The economic and demographic context of enclosure: A case study from Oxfordshire, c.1550 to 1850.
1989 Thomas Sokoll Household and family among the poor: The case of two Essex communities in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
1988 Pamela Sharpe Gender-specific demographic adjustment to changing economic circumstance: Colyton 1538-1837.
1987 Jeremy Goldberg Female labour, status and marriage in late medieval York and other English towns.
1987 Martin A. Clarke Household and family in Bethnal Green, 1851-71: The effects of social and economic change.
1985 Fiona A. C. Newall Socio-economic influences in the demography of Aldenham: An exploration of the techniques and application of family reconstitution.
1985 Sheilagh C. Ogilvie Corporatism and regulation in rural industry: Woollen weaving in Württemberg, 1590-1740.
1985 Anna Pyrgaki The effects of economic and social changes in the Ottomon Empire on a Greek-Turkish community (1870-1922).
1984 John Maxwell Landers Some problems in the historical demography of London, 1675-1825.
1984 Lawrence R. Poos Population and mortality in two fourteenth-century Essex communities.
1984 Simon R. S. Szreter The decline of marital fertility in England and Wales: A critique of the theory of social class differentials through an investigation of its historical origins and an examination of data for the constituent male occupations.
1983 Granham Arthur Kerby Inequality in a pre-industrial society: A study of wealth, status, office and taxation in Tudor and Stuart England with particular reference to Cheshire.
1982 Christopher Cleveland Wilson Marital fertility in pre-industrial England, 1550-1849.
1981 Robert Allen Houston Aspects of society in Scotland and north east England, c.1550 - c.1750: Social structure, literacy and geographical mobility.
1981 David Charles Souden Pre-industrial English local migration fields.
1980 Keith D. M. Snell The standard of living, social relations, the family and labour mobility in south-eastern and western countries, c.1700-1860.
1980 David W. Thomson Provision for the Elderly in England 1830-1908.
1979 Vivien Brodsky Elliott Mobility and marriage in pre-industrial England : A demographic and social structural analysis of geographic and social mobility and aspects of marriage, 1570-1690, with particular reference to London and general reference to Middlesex, Kent, Essex and Hertfordshire.
1977 Roger Finlay The population of London, 1580-1650.
1977 John Morgan Godly learning: Puritan theories of the religious utility of education 1560-1640.
1976 Emmanuel Todd Seven peasant communities in pre-industrial Europe. A comparative study of French, Italian and Swedish rural parishes (18th and early 19th century).
1975 David C. Levine The demographic implications of rural industrialization, a family reconstitution study of two Leicestershire villages, 1600-1851.
1975 Richard M. Smith English peasant life-cycles and socio-economic networks: A quantitative geographical case study.
1974 Keith Wrightson The Puritan Reformation of manners, with special reference to the counties of Lancashire and Essex.
1973 David Cressy Education and literacy in London and East Anglia, 1580-1700
including appendix:
Schoolmasters in the Dioceses of London and Norwich, 1580-1700.