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People at the Cambridge Group

People at the Cambridge Group


Based at
Bob Bennett Emeritus Professor Geography
Jenny Bishop Administrator and Outreach Coordinator Geography
Lyn Boothman Affiliated Researcher History
Chris Briggs University Associate Professor History
John Broad Affiliated Researcher History
Tony Cockerill Affiliated Researcher History
Ying Dai Affiliated Researcher History
Romola Davenport Senior Research Associate Geography
Mary Dobson Affiliated Researcher Geography
Amy Erickson Professor History
Catherine Ferguson Affiliated Researcher History
Eilidh Garrett Affiliated Researcher Geography
Mathias Mølbak Ingholt Research Associate Geography
Hannaliis Jaadla Senior Research Associate Geography
Sebastian Keibek Affiliated Researcher History
Alexis Litvine College Lecturer History
Charmian Mansell British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow History
Gill Newton Affiliated Researcher History
Elizabeth Parkinson Affiliated Researcher History
Alice Reid Co-Director and Professor Geography
Alan Rosevear Affiliated Researcher History
Max Satchell Research Associate Geography
Kevin Schürer Principal Research Associate Geography
Leigh Shaw-Taylor Co-Director and Professor History
Richard Smith Emeritus Professor Geography
Keith Sugden Affiliated Lecturer History
Simon Szreter Professor History
Alex Wakelam Research Associate Geography
Paul Warde Research Director and Professor History
Samantha Williams Professor Continuing Education / History
Nuala Zahedieh Affiliated Researcher Centre for History and Economics

Postgraduate students

Supervisor(s) Based at
Caitlin Adams PhD student Samantha Williams History
Michele Bolla PhD student Leigh Shaw-Taylor History
Jessica Collins PhD student Amy Erickson History
Emily Chung PhD Student Simon Szreter History
Emma Diduch PhD student Alice Reid Geography
Aleksandra (Ola) Dul PhD student Leigh Shaw-Taylor History
Jerome Gasson PhD student Chris Briggs History
Stuart Henderson PhD student Matthew Collins and Leigh Shaw-Taylor Archaeology and History
Christoph Hess PhD student Hans van de Ven and Sheilagh Ogilvie Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
Elizabeth Isaac PhD student Clive Oppenheimer Geography
Caroline Keinast von Einem PhD student Alice Reid Public Health and Geography
Emma Kelso PhD student Leigh Shaw-Taylor History
Leigh Muffett PhD student David Nally Geography
Sarah Rafferty PhD student Alice Reid Geography
Annisa Ratri PhD student Alice Reid Geography
Jenny Smart PhD student Samantha Williams History
Auriane Terki-Mignot PhD student Leigh Shaw-Taylor, Amy Erickson and Alexis Litvine History
Joanne Wallace PhD student Romola Davenport History

Visiting affiliated researchers

Lloyd Bonfield Visiting Affiliated Researcher (New York Law School)
Matthias Donebaum Visiting Affiliated Researcher (University of Vienna, Austria)
Tim Guinnane Visiting Affiliated Researcher (Yale)
Jim Oeppen Visiting Affiliated Researcher (Max-Planck Odense Center, Denmark)

Prospective visiting scholars

If you would like to spend time at the Cambridge Group as a visiting scholar, please contact us via our main contact details.