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Max Satchell BA MA D Phil

Max Satchell BA MA D Phil

Research Associate

Historical geographer with research interests in occupational structure 1379-1881, transport networks c.1360-1947, and various aspects of disease in the past.


A part-time MA in Archaeology and Prehistory at Sheffield (1992-4) serendipitously led to a Ph.D. in medieval history at Oxford (1994-8), work as a project officer on an English Heritage project on medieval field systems (2000-2), and a post doctorate at Cambridge (2002-5). Since 2005, I have worked on the Occupations Project. These diverse influences have cemented my interests in historical geography and GIS with specialisms in occupational structure 1379-1911, transport networks c. 1360-1947 and various apsects of disease in the past including leprosy in Britain (c.1000-1700).


  • 1979-1983 Faculty of History, Otago
  • 1992-1994 Department of Archaeology and Prehistory, Sheffield
  • 1994-1998 Queens College, Oxford
  • 1999 Researcher for the New DNB, Oxford and the Hayward Gallery, London
  • 2000-2002 Project Officer, Historic Field Systems of East Anglia Project, English Heritage
  • 2002-2005 Wellcome Trust Research Fellow, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge
  • 2005- Research Associate, The Occupations Project


  • 1983 BA Hons (History), Otago
  • 1994 MA (Archaeology), Sheffield
  • 1998 D Phil (History), Oxford


This year my research has primarily focussed on extending an existing GIS of navigable waterways in England Wales (1801-1881) back to 1600 and forward to 1947. I am in the process of digitising turnpikes using data from Dan Bogart and generating transport connectivity data for English rural parishes for a paper with Leigh Shaw-Taylor, Tony Wrigley and Mark Casson. GIS pilots undertaken include a Domesday GIS, nineteenth century statistics for ports, mortality data (404 parishes, Manchester, Kilmarnock, London etc), and a GIS to model regional temperature variations using data from Central England Temperature series 1659-1991.


  • Satchell, M. and E.A. Wrigley, 'Areal data' in E.A. Wrigley, The early English censuses, British Academy Records of Economic and Social History (CUP, 2011), 122-54
  • Shaw-Taylor, L., Wrigley, E.A., Kitson, P.,. Davies, R., Newton, G., and Satchell, M. (2010), "The Occupational Structure of England, c.1710-1871", Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure, Occupations Project No. 22,

GIS datasets created (2002-2012)

  • Turnpike roads of south-east England (data from Dan Bogart)
  • Principal roads of England, 1675
  • Navigable waterways, England and Wales 1600-1947
  • Registration counties of England and Wales, 1851
  • Registration districts of England and Wales, 1851
  • Registration sub-districts of England and Wales, 1851
  • Ancient counties of England, Wales and Scotland, 1831
  • Hundreds and wapentakes of England and Wales, 1831
  • Parishes and townships of England and Wales, 1831
  • Small and large towns England 1300-1600 (data from Chris Dyer)
  • Hospitals and leper-houses of England c.1100-1300