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Third party publications and other outputs making use of occupations project datasets

Third party publications and other outputs making use of occupations project datasets


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  • Day, J.D. Registration sub-district boundaries for England and Wales 1851-191(2016). This dataset was created by the 'Atlas of Victorian Fertility Decline' project (PI: A.M. Reid) with funding from the ESRC (ES/L015463/1). The Day dataset has been created using Satchell, A.E.M., Kitson, P.M.K., Newton, G.H., Shaw-Taylor, L., and Wrigley E.A., 185England and Wales census parishes, townships and places (2016) available at: The Satchell et al dataset is an enhanced version of Burton, N, Westwood J., and Carter P., GIS of the ancient parishes of England and Wales, 1500-1850. Colchester, Essex: UK Data Archive (May 2004), SN 4828, which is a GIS version of Kain, R.J.P., and Oliver, R.R., Historic parishes of England and Wales: An electronic map of boundaries before 1850 with a gazetteer and metadata. Colchester, Essex: UK Data Archive, May, 2001. SN 4348.

PhD theses

  • Fresh, A. 2017 Elites, Institutions and Economic Development. PhD dissertation, Stanford University