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Management structure

Management structure

Leigh Shaw-Taylor is program director.

E.A. Wrigley and Amy Erickson are co-directors.

The Group also has a management committee consisting of: Leigh Shaw-Taylor; Tony Cockerill, Romola Davenport; Amy Erickson; Sebastian Keibek; Keith Sugden; and Tony Wrigley

Some individuals have responsibility for particular aspects of the program:

  • Amy Erickson has overall responsibility for work on gendered patterns of work and employment in the period before the 1851 census.
  • Romola Davenport and Tony Wrigley have overall responsibility for work on population geography.
  • Max Satchell has overall responsibility for the creation of GIS datasets across the project and with Leigh Shaw-Taylor and Dan Bogart directs the transport project.
  • John Broad has overall responsibility, with Leigh Shaw-Taylor for the Land Tax project.
  • Gill Newton has overall responsibility for data management
  • Osamu Saito (Hitotsubashi) and Leigh Shaw-Taylor direct the INCHOS project.
  • Leigh Shaw-Taylor and Alexis Litvine co-ordinate the ENCHPOPGOS project
  • Gareth Austin and Leigh Shaw-Taylor direct the AFCHOS project.

Advisory board

Chair: Professor Nick Crafts (Warwick)

Other members: Professor Martin Daunton (Cambridge); Dr Jack Langton (Oxford); Professor Jane Humphries (Oxford); Professor Roger Kain (School of Advanced Study, London); Professor Sheilagh Ogilvie (Cambridge)