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Ph.D. Opportunities

Ph.D. Opportunities

Three Ph.D. theses have been completed on the research program and four more are underway. We welcome enquiries from prospective Ph.D students whether on Britain or elsewhere. Prospective Ph.D. students are advised to contact us as early as possible both to discuss possible research proposals and other aspects of their applications. We do not currently have funding of our own to allocate for Ph.D. studentships but our students have been very successful in securing funding from very competitive funding competitions with funding secured by all six students who applied for funding

Incoming Ph.D. students

8. Auriane Terki-Mignot, arriving October 2018

Current Ph.D students

7. Ying Dai.

6. Joanne Wallace

5. Cheng Yang

4. Sophie McGeevor

Previous Ph.D. students

3. Sebastian Keibek

2. Xuesheng You

  1. Keith Sugden