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The Occupational Structure of Britain c.1379-1911 research program welcomes visiting scholars. In addition to the longer formal visits listed below, we have hosted numerous shorter informal visits.

Current Visiting scholars

9. Wei Wenxiang, Central China Normal University.

8. Roger Sugden, University of British Columbia.

Past visiting scholars

7. Carmen Sarasua, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

6. Tokihiko Settsu, Musashi University, Tokyo.

5. Michele Nani, Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth - National Research Council, Genoa.

4. Erdem Kabadyi, Bilgi University, Istanbul, now Koc University, Istanbul.

3. Osamu Saito, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo.

2. Jordi Marti-Heneberg, University of Lleida.

1. Xavier Franch-Auladel, University of Lleida.