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Drivers of entrepreneurship and small business

People working on the project


  • Dr Alice Reid - Co-Investigator, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Leigh Shaw-Taylor - Co-Investigator, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge


Other supports

The team working on Alice Reid's Atlas of Victorian Fertility Decline project provided valuable help with I-CeM interpretation: Alice Reid, Joe Day, Eilidh Garrett, and Hanna Jaadla, as well as Xuesheng You who helped with I-CeM files. Kevin Schürer provided crucial additional help with I-CeM data cleaning and upgrading, and with Eddy Higgs much helpful advice. Michael Anderson and Corinne Roughley provided invaluable advice on Scotland, including improving many spatial codes (see WP 20)

We are also pleased to acknowledge the help of the following were research assistants for data checking from CEBs in England and Wales: Mark Latham, Gavin Robinson, Tiffany Shumaker and Rebecca Tyler; in Scotland: Tobias Lunde, Annette Mackenzie and Amber Stevenson; and coding directors and their companies: Walter Jansson.