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Constructing the first municipal-level GIS for France and a multi-modal transport network

Constructing the first municipal-level GIS for France and a multi-modal transport network

About us


  • PI for Cambridge: Alexis Litvine, University of Cambridge, CAMPOP, []
  • Isabelle Séguy [], INED
  • Thomas Thévenin []

The team

  • Raphaëlle Boissard [], INED

​Raphaëlle is our data manager. After studying history at Paris IV - Sorbonne, she chose to specialise in the management, conservation and valorisation of the archives. She spent the last two years working at the Archives Nationales, and she is passionate about the wealth and diversity of the archives. Over the next two years, she will be visiting 90 departmental archives! Her familiarity with the arcane arts of the archival world will be of invaluable help throughout our project.

  • Arthur Starzec [], INED/UCL

Arthur is our GIS lead. By training, he is a historical archaeologist, geospatial analyst and current PhD candidate at UCL's Institute of Archaeology, investigating the development of transport networks in the UK and France and their relation to regional movements. Alongside his work with GIS, Arthur's research interests are in nationalism, identity, and landscape archaeology.

  • Christophe Mimeur [], Laboratoire MRTE, CY Cergy Paris Université

Christophe is Assistant Professor in CY Cergy Paris Universite, in the laboratory Mobility, Network, Territory, Environment. He specialises in transportation geography. He has a geohistorical approach to qualify the interactions between space and network. He is interesting in the diffusion of networks according to population settlements, by the combinaison of network. He also works on the relationship between accessibility in low density space and public policies.

  • Hanae El Gouj []

Hanae is an architect and urbanist who graduated both from the Ecole nationale d'architecture de Rabat (Morocco) in 2017 and from the INSA et ENSA of Strasbourg (France). She currently work on her PhD. in geography and urban planning at ThéMA (Université de Bourgogne - Franche-Comté, UMR CNRS 6049) with Claire Lagesse. Her thesis looks at the modelisation and simulation of road networks' morphogenesis using geohistorical data.

  • Doriane Hare []

Doriane was our DH lead on the project. Doriane graduated in both history and DH from the very prestigious Ecole des chartes. She joined the team to develop our data capabilities and expand her Master's research project on linking Ancien Regime parishes to post-1790 communes.

  • Gaëtan Peyronel-Béra, ThéMA

Gaétan graduated in Géographie et Aménagement from Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. He joined the project as part of his Master's degree TMEC (Transport, Mobilité, Environnement, Climat) at the University of Bourgogne. His dissertation looked at the topology and evolution of France's inland waterways.

  • Alexandre Frondizi, INED []

Alexandre has joined the project in 2023. He will be in charge of understanding reconstructing the nature of changes happening during critical decade following the Revolution (1790-1801). Alexandre hold a PhD in history from Sciences-Po. He specialises in French social and administrative history of the nineteenth century, with a particular emphasis on social actors, territories and mobilities.

the teamOther participants

  • Claire Lagesse, ThéMA
  • Patrick Mille, ThéMA
  • Arnaud Bringé, INED
  • Christine Théré, INED
  • Bénédicte Garnier, INED
  • Leigh Shaw-Taylor, Cambridge
  • Max Satchell, Cambridge
  • Jeff Meyer, OpenHistorical Maps