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People working on the project

People working on the project

Dr Leigh Shaw-Taylor

Leigh Shaw-Taylor is the director of the research programme. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of the project and together with Tony Wrigley leads the research team.

Professor Sir E.A. Wrigley

Tony Wrigley is the deputy director of the research programme and together with Leigh Shaw-Taylor leads the research team.

Ms Ros Davies

Ros Davies, working closely with E.A. Wrigley has coded all of the occupational data produced by the research project since its inception in 2003.

Dr Amy Erickson

Amy Erickson joined the project in 2007 as a Senior Research Associate. In 2013 she was appointed a Lecturer in the History Faculty. She directs the research on women's work with a particular focus on the pre-census period.

Dr Peter Kitson

Peter Kitson has worked extensively on the project since 2006 in a variety of key roles. Most recently he has worked on producing local (parish level) population estimates from the fourteenth century through to the eighteenth century.

Dr Jacob Field

Jacob Field joined the project in 2008 as a research associate. He was worked closely with Dr Erickson on female occupations and with Dr Shaw-Taylor on male occupations with a particular focus on London. He is no longer employed on the project but is continuing to collaborate.

Ms Gill Newton

Gill Newton worked part-time on the project from 2007 to 2011 but is currently working on another project. Her primary responsibility has been the management of datasets and the creation of databases.

Dr Max Satchell

Max Satchell has worked continuously on the project since 2006. He has produced the numerous historical GIS datasets which are central to the project.

Professor Richard Smith

Richard Smith joined the project in 2008 and works primarily on the medieval period.

Graduate students

The research programme currently has five graduate students with their own independent projects: Sebastian Keibeck, Sophie McGeevor, Keith Sugden and Xuesheng You.

Former Project Members

Research Associates

Dr Amanda Jones (2003-4), Dr Viktoria Masten (2003-4), Dr Silvia Sovic (2003-4)

Data Editor

Ms Rebecca Tyler worked as a data editor on the project between 2003 and 2012.

Research assistants

In the early phases of the programme much of the data was collected by casually employed research assistants: Joseph Barker, Alec Corio, Zoe Crisp, Oliver Dunn, Selah Hennesy, Paul Lee, Niraj Modha, Lauren Monaghan-Pisano, Geoffrey Stanning, Timothy Swain, Stephen Thompson, Lucy Ward, Matthew Ward, Alison Warren, Matthew Westlake, Georgina Wade, David Walsh, Rebecca Whyte.