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Transport, urbanization and economic development in England and Wales c.1670-1911

Transport, urbanization and economic development in England and Wales c.1670-1911

The Online Historical Atlas of Transport, Urbanization and Economic Development in England and Wales c.1680-1911

Editors: L. Shaw-Taylor, D. Bogart and M. Satchell

This atlas arises from projects run by Leigh Shaw-Taylor, Dan Bogart and Max Satchell at the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure. The project has been funded by the Leverhulme Trust and the Isaac Newton Trust (Cambridge) and builds on work undertaken on earlier projects funded by the US National Science Foundation, Economic and Social Research Council, The Leverhulme Trust and the British Academy.

This is a pre-launch beta-test version of the Atlas. It currently consists of three chapters, linked below. Further chapters will be added in the near future. Each chapter in the Atlas aims to provide a clear and authoritative introduction to its subject, illustrated with new material arising from the project. The Atlas is a public engagement project aimed at bringing our most recent research to the widest possible public, but with a particular focus on schools in the UK. By the time we are ready to launch there will be four versions of each Atlas chapter, pitched at different levels of complexity and detail. Readers may choose which level suits them best. Level 1 entries will be written with key stage 3 (ages 11-14) in mind. Level 2 entries will be optimised for key stage 4 (ages 14-16). Level 3 entries will be aimed at a sixth form audience (key stage 5, ages 16-18). Level 4 will be aimed at an undergraduate audience and the wider public but should also be of interest to academics in the field. At present, the articles available are pitched at level 4. We hope to put the more accessible versions of the texts online in the near future. The articles are currently available only in PDF format, but we hope to develop a more sophisticated user interface in the future.

Chapter 1 Navigable waterways and the economy of England and Wales 1600-1835 [animation]
Max Satchell (2017)

Chapter 2 The Turnpike Roads of England and Wales [animation]
Dan Bogart (2017)

Chapter 3 The development of the railway network in Britain 1825-1911 [animation]
Leigh Shaw-Taylor and Xuesheng You (2018)

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